OK, staff, who kept Hillary up all night????


Granted, she’s no spring chicken, but that’s cool.  Most male politicians aren’t, either, and most of them look the worse for wear as well.


Hell, I’m 51 and there are mornings when I wish I could turn out the sun.  This is a given curse of aging, and as such, I’m not a judgmental villain about such shit.


Hillary, in general, for her age, looks OK.   The problem is, her attitude, personality and voice detract from any inkling a man might have toward the carnal avenue when it comes to her.   She was very pretty as a college-aged girl.


But damn.  The infamous press interview on Friday in which she flubbed the characterization of her “opponent” as Bill Clinton (or is it her lover as Donald Tru…?), presented us with a less than a flattering portrayal of her middle-aged Presidential appearance.


What The Fuck?


I’ve never seen Hill look so baggy and looming.  The Presidential race is tough, but everyone must sleep…unless Tru… was keeping you up all night…