Narrative of the Day: Dark Days for Trump. Time to dig out…


I was pinged earlier by a skinny millennial type who I used to work with.  He was recently “put out to pasture” courtesy of my company’s downsizing efforts.


Despite the fact he works (or did) in the L.A. entertainment industry, he never struck me as the lefty, SJW type. He listened to my Trump-thumping and occasionally cheered on my random RW sentiments. His overriding motivation seems to be, as with most people, an aversion to Hillary Rodham Clinton.






Frankly, I stump for Trump a little more than I should on my personal Facebook wall. Especially considering most of my friends are social justice Hollywood Libby types.





fb trump




Anyhow, this dude reached out to me and it was obvious he was cognizant of that ethereal pall of leftism that coats all existence that is Entertainment.


The other day I heard an engineer type talking shit, loudly and menacingly, about Donald  Trump.   This is a common occurrence.


Walking down the hallway expressing support of Trump would arouse much animosity and is best not practiced.  It’s a one-way street, politically, if you insist on free expression in the showbiz world.


In the year 2016, vociferously supporting Donald Trump’s presidential run is tantamount to reputation suicide and bleak ostracization.


Most of my relatives jeer Trump and his exclamations.  I am entirely alienated because of this, but I persist.  I see the “big” picture and I believe in Donald Trump’s vision for America.  Trump happens to be the messenger, so I support his views.  I don’t particularly like the guy, but the fate of America should not be about personality, it should be about vision, about where this country is headed and what we will leave for our heirs.


The Democrats are the party of personality, the party of platitudes.  The Democrats live for the now, the palatable tomorrow in which no one’s liberal motives are questioned, less doubted.


Trump represents that less capricious and playful outlook which essentially warns us that the future is ugly, it is harsh, and it is a sacrifice, and we must work now for it, not tomorrow, not through smiles and playful Buzzfeed frivolities.  Sadly, the media is nothing but a bunch of immature children who proclaim possession of the lowest hanging fruit and perpetuate the harlot of instant gratification.  The media is business, its ultimate prize is money, and as such, values nothing but base human nature.


There is a stubborn pride to be discovered in supporting a miscreant like Donald Trump.


Donald Trump’s task, that of his campaign, in these shadowy days, are two-fold if he’s to have a chance at winning.


In order to victor over the Arkansas Witch, he must do two things:


*Reveal his sincerest personage to the public.  Currently, he is bound in this hazy pop bubble of blurriness and inauthenticity.  He expends a lot of capital exuding this image of a “straight shooter” and seems to believe this is all it takes to connect;  he may not realize, but he is vastly alienated from youth culture.  He needs to find a vehicle that allows him to hurdle this barrier.  He must resort to something gimmicky in order to accomplish this;  he is Donald Trump, for chrissakes.  Gimmicky is a given.


*He just needs to cut Hillary off at the kneecaps, NOW.  People are impatient.  This has dragged on for too long.  She is such a weak link but she continues to thrive, courtesy of a sympathetic press.  Now is the time for a direct hit, one that supersedes all subjective measures.  A death stroke.  I’ve assumed, hopefully, that Donald Trump has “something up his sleeve” because he sure acts with a level of bravado that can only be well-founded or utterly and dangerously misplaced.


Interesting that his Public Reputation’s backslide began in the middle of the DNC when the Gold Star parents were more than happy to live outside their dignity and were well-compensated for their smug entitlement.