Barack warns against spreading the NEH-FARIOUS around…


Po’, po’ Barackie baby.


He had the most difficult time spitting these words out today.


They stuck in his craw like distasteful little morsels of unavoidable truth. Every word of explanation to the reporter regarding Donald Trump’s receiving the security briefings that all party Presidential candidates rightfully receive seemed to grate across his tongue like abrasive grains of a shitty legacy.





Still, he couldn’t respond to the reporter’s question without concluding his rambling thoughts with a rather resentful and bitch-like snipe, cause after all, just as Bill Clinton was our first Black President, Barack Obama is our first Bitch President. Sorry Hillary, you are not first, even if you do win the election. [sound of glass shattering]


Barack Obama does not handle NEH-FARIOUS very well and you best be not spreading it around.