The Mainstream Media must perish.


When Donald Trump becomes President (actually, if, if: if he can circumvent the media whores’ role as mouthpieces of the elitists and the liberentsia and still victor with all the odds of collective society’s coalescence of its Establishment motives against him), in light of this campaign and what we’ve learned and witnessed of the MSM’s behavior, I believe President Trump’s first move as President should be to disband all major media corporations, fire all reporters, all management and directors, and enact strict new neutrality rules for the American media which will then, and only then, be free to re-staff its ranks from the newly unemployed. All news reporters will be obligated to take a vow of neutrality and a sitting government panel, instituted by Presdent Trump, will adjourn regularly to assess the neutrality performance of the major media outlets. Those found failing to attain required neutrality goals will be fined heavily, perhaps at risk of mandatory, punitive disbanding.


That was farce, btw.


This scenario is obviously an exaggeration, but it’s how I feel the mainstream American media needs to be treated and leveraged as it exists today. The MSM is a mouthpiece of the elites, it is an echo chamber of liberal niceties and feminine conformity and delicacy (in other words, all nice and no balls doth make a lousy journalistic industry).


The past few weeks have seen the press gather like piranhas, reciting, repeating, creating and fomenting a narrative and dialogues ensuring that the slow drumbeat of Donald Trump’s reputation takes a spiraling beating until it is so weakened that his campaign will be gutted of legitimacy.  Which is what the Democrats and the press, their information branch, really want.  To be done with Donald Trump.


This dialogue the press is creating is very important, whether it’s true or not. The dialogue’s accuracy is not as important as its effect on a public lacking any sense of discernment or critical thinking, a public guided entirely by emotion and subjective response. The dialogue, thus relevant and undeservedly important, is then perpetuated  even by those who can see through it because they have to play the narrative game. They are either ahead of the narrative ball, or they’re not. So you now hear that Republicans are planning a “Trump intervention” and others are even questioning his sanity. This is reactive busywork that seeks to placate the tumultuous narrative that the MSM and the liberentsia have skillfully erected around the alienated island that Trump and his campaign are becoming.


Sometimes one must wonder if the image we are fed of Donald Trump is remotely accurate;  how much of his persona is painted as deranged, impulsive, thoughtless, egotistical, by the fiction spinners at CNN and MSNBC and Fox.  What is the true nature of his spirit.  Are we ever allowed to witness it?  This writer saw a different side of Trump.


The MSM, as we know it in 2016, must cease to be.


It must be gutted, denatured and planted to grow anew; hopefully, in its new incarnation, our press can once again deliver what we expect and deserve: a free, impartial and courageous journalistic core that keeps all government in its sights, and thus, in check.



A snapshot of headlines from my Feedly feed just within the last few hours.
A snapshot of headlines from my Feedly feed just within the last few hours.