Is Khizr Kahn a Hillary Clinton Islamic plant with generational Saudi oil ties?


Several important points.


*I only read this once.


*The substance of some sections sounds dubious and in need of cross-reference, external validation.


*The overall import of the subject matter appears soundly backed-up by the author.


*Given the gravity of the apparent outlandish claims, this must be “thrown” out there for the critical minds to dissect and witness.



Dangling implications abound in this article.  Such as:



Kahn currently runs a law firm in New York City called KM Kahn Law Office. According to the website, the the law firm specializes in “immigration services.” Most likely Kahn was working to bring Muslims into the country.





Everything mentioned in this piece logically affirms the doubts and misgivings that I had about the Khan appearance at the DNC and his persistent badgering of the Trump campaign in subsequent interviews.


I’m sure Donald Trump’s people are on the case.


If the authenticity of even a fraction of what has been alleged in this piece can be verified, Hillary will go down like a hot air balloon in Texas.