Donald Trump: The “Means to an Ends” POTUS.


Some are accusing  Donald Trump of leaking state secrets after his first national security briefing, something many people “warned” against.


On the surface, it’s quite egregious. You get “looped” into knowledge and then betray the confidentiality.


Isn’t it the height of Machiavellism to double back and manipulate such info for political ends?


Of course.  This is Donald Trump we’re speaking of!


Trump attended an intelligence briefing this afternoon in which he was told sensitive information for his own safety and for the safety of Americans. Within hours he was neck deep into one of his classic word salads when he proved Harry Reid and other Pentagon officials right.
In what was the biggest faux pas of his entire political career, Trump accidentally revealed sensitive and classified information about the locations of secret military bases. Trump arrogantly spoke to an audience at a Colorado Springs rally today, when he said that the U.S. should not have to pay rent for its military base in Saudi Arabia.
There’s just one problem with this. There isn’t supposed to be an American military base in Saudi Arabia. This revelation could and should mean huge consequences for Donald Trump, who has called for the arrest and indictment of Hillary Clinton for mishandling of classified emails




Of course Donald Trump is no idiot and he’s assuredly no fool, despite what a lot of people assert.


He knew what he was “leaking” but he probably saw the illicit info as a means to an end.


Hillary’s darkest secrets are wrapped in a bureaucratic shroud of secrecy. Donald Trump is just cementing his “outsider” status by repeating such info.


Nothing Donald does or says just “happens.”