David Cicilline of Rhode Island wins award for “Most Un-Ironic Federal Politician” after singling Trump out as a security risk.


American tradition has dictated, since 1952, that both the Democratic and Republican candidates receive regular security briefings after securing their party’s nomination. According to intelligence officials, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will begin receiving such briefings after this week’s Democratic convention.


If David Cicilline, Democratic congressman from Rhode Island and member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has his way, however, Donald Trump will not receive such standard briefings in the wake of his “calling upon” Russia to release any of Hillary Clinton’s mammoth library of hacked emails.






A Rhode Island congressman penned a letter to President Obama asking him to withhold classified intelligence from Republican president nominee Donald Trump following comments he made encouraging Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails.


U.S. Representative David Cicilline (D-RI), a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, made the request to Obama on Wednesday and tweeted the letter to his roughly 4,500 followers.


“As the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump will presumably be eligible for this courtesy in the near future,” wrote Cicilline. “However, Mr. Trump urged Russian intelligence services to conduct cyber espionage operations into the correspondence of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”


Cicilline wrote that Trump’s “call for hostile foreign action represents a step beyond mere partisan politics and represents a threat to the Republic itself.”


“With this in mind, I respectfully ask that you withhold the intelligence briefing to Mr. Trump in the interests of national security,” Cicilline concluded.






With such a gesture of transparent  and overt politicization of national security matters, Rep. Cicilline becomes the most un-ironic federal official in Washington D.C.  by issuing such a high-profile request while simultaneously ignoring the outlandish ramifications of nevertheless allowing such security briefings to (the other) candidate who apparently has shamelessly displayed no concept of digital security in her own dealings of security matters while serving as Secretary of State.


Keep up the “good” work, Mr. Cicilline.





Donald is the security risk...
Donald is the security risk…