It appears the Greatest Generation spawned the Greatest American Hibernation.


Americans are in a slumber.

An artificial hibernation.


Apathy and distraction are their biggest enemies. Not Black Lives or New Panthers or Hillary’s E-commerce…that stuff is not the problem.  The problem is that Americans let it slide, over, and over and over, and over and over…


Americans are mentally lazy consumerists. Give them the carrot offerings of a new iPhone, another overblown POS Michael Bay movie, apps that do all but wipe their ass, and they will gladly, willingly, submit to the bling while rich psychopaths stand behind them and thrust their vile, capitalistic dicks right up those lily-white collective asses.  And Americans take it because they are too busy enjoying the plethora of artificiality and banality of food and purchase.


Feed us, sex us, sate our sensual gluttony, on demand (this is KEY!) and we will leave you to your evil devices. Usurp our government, batter the Constitution, rescind our rights, it’s all good…  btw, did you hear that you can now laser print VR goggles and the RPG to go with it!??


This world is great!  I get lost in the games and deviant ignorance while the monsters of real life puppet the wires of my scripted, devoured existence.


Nothing will wake Americans up from this slumber except perhaps taking their toys from them.


But industry is so reliant upon their hypnotic toy product and government is so reliant upon industry’s product acting as the distraction (in fact, there is often conflict of interest because the two parties mentioned often dip into both revenue streams) that there is no chance the public will ever be summoned from their hibernation.


Repeat, ad infinitum, as long as the domestic money flows.