“Pokemon ‘fro” – bringing the world of fantasy and racial injustice together.


Ludicrous is a sign of our times.  When logic and reality tumble and the predominant self-serving sense of oppression is tainted with the misguided, attention-seeking ploy of childish victimization.


Pokemon Go is a diversionary tool planted by the elites in order to counter the heartstrings of Black Lives Matter.


Of course, why didn’t we see it?


This d e s t d o l attention whoring racial crusader is, in fact, deferring indirectly and unknowingly to my thinking on the Pokemon Go phenomenon from Thursday.  Pokemon Go is a silly artifact of our glib culture that can’t focus on the Real for any length of time longer than can be summoned by the typical ADD-afflicted 10-year-old boy.





They key distinction here, from what I surmise of her Tweet, is that she seems to insinuate that Pokemon Go’s creation and release was an ulterior command and design enacted by corporate elites with the putative purpose of numbing the minds of the populace with tomfoolery while in the background, they continue to perpetuate their vile assumption over the well-being of simple, humble society;  whereas I don’t believe Pokemon Go is consciously or willfully designed with this motivation in mind.  Pokemon Go was designed to make money for Niantic, slash, Nintendo, et al.  But to allege that it is the mastermind creation of the overlords’ digital handiwork in order to subvert the agenda of BLM strikes me as a tad vain.    I strangely agree with d e s t d o l’s endgame argument:  in my case, I believe commercialism and pop culture breed apathy and disassociation from reality.  But this is human nature, it is not by design;  the corporate fools just want to make money, they don’t care how or what expense society must incur.


But d e s t d o l’s Tweet did make me think of something.


Perhaps Pokemon Go could be tweaked (ie, hacked) into a black marketed version of itself that would spare the interests of BLM and spotlight the cultural affliction that we know as racism.


The hackware can be called “Pokemon ‘fro” and this augmented urban journey would use KFC’s and corner family Korean markets as Pokestops and the players are directed to capture Pokemon by throwing EBT cards or spears at them.  Once a suitable-sized group of Pokemon are gathered, players can start a Pokegang and perhaps, start a Pokeflashmob or even kick off a hashtag campaign, PokemonLivesMatter.


The possibilities are too endless to contemplate.



pokemon fro