Pokemon Stay. Well-deserved fun for the shut-ins among us.


Cause not everyone really desires to leave the house.


In fact, a lot people are touting Pokemon Go’s added benefit of getting sedentary people (who would normally sit in front of home-bound screens) off their asses and moving and running across the countryside looking for Pokestuff, but the truth of the matter, the dark underbelly of humanity that no one mentions, is that there are lots of people (LOTS) who have no desire to leave the house, who ostensibly resist the app and its resultant hoopla for the simple reason that it will force them to cross the front door’s threshold and step into that wild, dangerous world.26


And it is a dangerous world. Already Pokemon Go predators have sprung up to take advantage of the situation. People have fallen off cliffs. There are Allahu Akbar madmen out there…I’m surprised they have not usurped Pokemon Go for their malevolent aims (yet).


Who can blame people for fearing the outside Pokeworld?


I sure can’t. And as things go, the shut-ins miss out on all the communal fun and social bonding that commercialism has to offer. ┬áThere’s only so much you can do from the confines of your home desktop station, and Pokemon Go is one of them. but wait…





bluestacks stay




There is always the emulator escape hatch!


Emulators are great software options for those who don’t want to spend money or leave the house: they allow you to mimic a computing environment that your existing platform is theoretically incompatible with. For instance, you can find any number of emulators that allow you to run Apple crap on your PC, and in this case, there are emulators that allow you to mimic (mobile) Android apps on your PC.


“Mobile” doesn’t have to be!


Stay at home, stay safe.