Trump just says no to the NAACP.


Wow, Donald Trump is going scorched earth racial policy.  This is a bold snub which, due to the timing and cultural  zeitgeist of the moment, is doubly egregious and offensively petulant.


Love him or hate him, he leaves little to the imagination for those who pay attention to the sly signals and markers.


This year’s annual NAACP convention (its 107th) is being held in Cincinnati this weekend through early next week. Traditionally, during Presidential election years, the race activist organization extends invitations to both the Republican and Democratic nominees. In keeping with tradition, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were invited this year; only Hillary Trump accepted and she is slated to kiss racial ass speak next Monday, July 18. According to Cornell Brooks, NAACP President, Donald Trump declined the invitation and will not  be attending the annual convention.


Past speakers have included President Barack Obama, Governor Mitt Romney, Senator John McCain, Senator John Kerry, President George W. Bush, Vice President Al Gore and President Bill Clinton.
At the convention, members from the organization’s 2,200 branches and conferences will hold sessions on local activism, debate and adopt new policy for the organization, and welcome new youth and college leaders joining the movement.
This year’s convention will also set the stage for a massive voter engagement and registration initiative to ensure that voters are empowered and heard in the November 8 election.




I suspect the move by Trump is a function of pragmatism more than a statement of principle. There is simply no reason for him to attend the conference which, in today’s racially charged atmosphere, can only expose him to danger and to collective racial haranguing from groups which can’t even be considered prospective Trump voters.  Why waste the energy?


Still, politically, it’s an established “given” that Presidential candidates speak at the convention. To refuse is akin to a racial dog whistle, similar to, as many sensitive folks would have it, maintaining that “All Lives Matter” in lieu of the politically correct statement of racial unity, “Black Lives Matter.”


Trump is throwing down the gauntlet and letting it be known where hopelessness lies.