Gimme some of that old time depopulation…



I was reading this over at Marginal Revolution earlier and noted a great irony/inadvertent (or not) satirical statement.


In fact, I had to guffaw.












A guffaw is hardcore…you don’t guffaw much in your daily life…at least, I don’t.


I guffawed.


If I had ben drinking something, it would have been a spray-faw.



MR wrote, in a post “lamenting” the depopulation of Japan, a land where men would rather starve to death and play video games than procreate with all the hot native Asian anime figurines:



Though demographers have long anticipated the transformation Japan is now facing, the country only now seems to be sobering up to the epic metamorphosis at hand.


…the country has begun a white-knuckle ride in which it will shed about one-third of its population — 40 million people — by 2060, experts predict. In 30 years, 39% of Japan’s population will be 65 or older.
If the United States experienced a similar population contraction, it would be like losing every single inhabitant of California, New York, Texas and Florida — more than 100 million people.
The country may become more like a Miyazaki movie:
A bigger issue now is wildlife: The village’s population has become so sparse that wild bears, boars and deer are roaming the streets with increasing frequency.




Not so shocking or irrelevant, but the United States, while not exactly experiencing the lull in population maintenance facing Japan, is still overrun with wild boars.




This wouldn’t be so intolerable if we had less people to show for it in America.  Quite the contrary, we have people coming out the woodwork over here.    As if depopulation is a “bad” thing.