Alton Sterling and Philando Castile don’t use their heads and society pays the price.


It’s hardly rocket science.


Most cops suck.  Especially the senior ones. They’ve since hemorrhaged all traces of idealism and grown that stony inhuman barrier that allows them to deal with the worst human filth every day of their stupid jobs.


I’m not a defender of cops, but I am a defender of just trying to stay alive.


Now that I’m older, I drive a sedate car and rarely go out after dark.  Consequently, my interactions with police are rare, but there were many instances in my younger days where law enforcement and I were hardly “strangers.”


I didn’t like them then, either. In fact, the South Pasadena PD were the biggest pricks.  They patrolled a largely White/Asian suburban enclave and as such were largely idle rogues. A few major streets traverse the city which brings many people from the Pasadena area to the swarthier sections of the San Gabriel Valley or East Los Angeles, and I presume it was this steady stream of “drive-through citizen targets” that endowed the SPPD with that distasteful chip on their shoulders.  They had attitude and acted as if they were tough and hard, a demeanor which seemed rather disingenuous and a put-on considering the bland, repressed, law-abiding citizenry of the city they patrolled.


Despite the fact police literally live in a different dimension than I, it is not difficult to empathize with their perspective during all dealings with them as a civilian object of their interaction. To repeat, I don’t defend their dictatorial, degenerate behaviors. I just want to stay alive and what better way to assure you stay alive than by simply doing your best to minimize and avoid evoking aggressive behavior on their part?  Is this such a difficult task? Apparently it is judging by the behaviors of the latest gentle Black victims of the day, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Whatever their “noble” dindu histories (which all their mothers and siblings and friends and teachers will egregiously attest to), they both failed miserably in one thing: common sense when confronted with aggressive, jittery police.


For instance, Castile.  Why in the world, especially after supposedly alerting police that you have a weapon in your lap, would you put your hands anywhere near it, regardless of whether you are “only” reaching for your ID? Hidden hands are an immediate threat to police officers, especially if they know you’re armed. Not rocket science and Castile was hardly a scientist. Simple rudimentary intelligence and will to live dictate that you keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times (he was the driver) and allow the cop to control the parameters of the physical interaction. In this case, there were 2 police officers during the initial encounter. Castile would be alive today if he simply kept his hands in sight of the anxious cop.




Castile's gun
Castile’s gun




Now the police shooting of Alton Sterling, while less “righteous” than that of Castile, was certainly precipitated by dull-witted actions and choices on the part of the victim. Don’t these people realize one basic tenet of police encounters is that if they know you are anywhere within the vicinity of a gun, you automatically are assigned “deadly threat” status and that when they point their guns at you, their trigger finger is ready to engage at the slightest prompt (ie, sudden movement on your part)? And if they throw you to the ground (wrongly or not, this doesn’t matter if living is your ostensible short-term goal), do not battle or resist! Allow your limbs and torso to remain visibly prone and once again, allow the police to control the physical situation. Sterling, the noble “salesman” and “family man” apparently could not comprehend such logic. All he had to do was lay still and allow himself to be handcuffed. And he’d be alive today.





Alton can't stay still...
Alton can’t stay still…



The most annoying  aspect of these fatal encounters is that because of the lack of common sense and rudimentary logic on the part of the “victims,” we now collectively pay the price for the aftereffects of these incidents. The dramatics of vindictive sniper madmen and the incessant whining and moaning of the “victimzenry” and its enablers, clog up the news and cyberwaves while scoundrels like Hillary Clinton hide behind the effluvia of entitlement and lack of accountability on the part of a society that fails to lay the blame where it truly belongs.