Hey Donald, note this: Newt Gingrich


Gingrich: White Americans ‘don’t understand being black in America’


I think it’s the sign of an advanced and intelligent form of human cohabitation that we can realize, and accept, we will never understand the intricacies and private abstractions of inhabiting another physical form or body in this life. TG’s try to surgically circumvent that, but we only know what we know from birth.


We don’t know what it’s like to be Black, Blacks don’t know what it’s like to be White, Hispanic, Asian, vice versa.


Each ethnic experience is only that and there is no reason any other ethnicity should be feel obligated or even entitled to experience the experiences of other ethnic groups. That is childish thinking, and apparently, there are many children in this culture who enjoy telling us that we should all be childish in sync for the sake of harmony and peace.


Fuck that. I don’t want to know what it’s like to be Black or White, and I suspect the feeling is mutual.  Fine.  Sorry Newt, give it a break.




Bring on Jeff Sessions.