A tribute to Micah X. and there is no shortage of courtiers.


Lately, I’ve copped a snide attitude toward the European tendency to submissively beckon forth its own destruction. The attitudes and deranged passiveness of the Continent’s denizens has been completely pitiful. I cringe, and I demean.


Europeans are pussies! I’m so bold and strong, such an American.


And now it occurs to me that maybe Americans are no better, and in fact, just as bad. We are circumventing the path to pussyhood in this country, but the end result is the same.


This is not the Onion. It is not satire in the sense that intelligent people pretend to be clueless; instead, it is depravity in the sense that intelligent people pretend to be civilized.



A Facebook fan page dedicated to Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson has been set up, to celebrate the brutal murder of 5 policemen in one of the worst race related incidents in American history.
In the few hours since the page was set up, it has already accumulated over 750 “likes.” Users are commenting on the page with anti-police posts and messages of support for the shooter, but many others are posting messages of condemnation for the page and the still-unknown user who created it.



The page has already posted links that outline the alleged double standards towards black people America, the number of black people that have been murdered by police in America this year, and the famous John F. Kennedy quote that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”



How can America survive?


Should America survive. Perhaps we need to be put out of our misery. Let’s start from scratch because this culture is rapidly relinquishing all rights to merely exist.