“28” is the path to revolution.




Remember that number.


Twenty-eight is all that will come between the will of the American people and the political barbarism of the elites.


The new magic number: 28.
That’s how many rules panel members anti-Trump forces will need to force a vote on unbinding delegates on the floor of the Republican convention.
Donald Trump has already far-surpassed the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination. But a last-ditch effort to change the rules and let delegates vote their consciences faces a steep uphill climb in Cleveland. The goal? Take a vote on unbinding the delegates on the convention floor.
In order to actually change the temporary rules, a majority of the convention’s rules panel must support the change. But if 25 percent of its members — just 28 people — back the amendment, it can make its way to the floor of the full convention. Once on the floor, however, the motion would need to be approved by a majority of the delegates (1,237) to actually take effect.
Rules experts tell ABC News that if anti-Trump forces can get the measure — a minority report — to the floor, the convention must either give it an up-or-down vote or take a vote to sidestep it.
Kendal Unruh, the leader the “Free the Delegates” movement, said on the movement’s weekly conference call last night that she was confident she would be able to garner the 28 votes for a minority report. She told ABC News today that she has 20 members of the committee confirmed to vote, and 8 soft votes — right on the borderline.



Twenty-eight, the path to revolution.


Not a “in the streets mayhem-and-bloodshed” revolution.


I don’t think Americans are capable of that. Our culture is one of stupor and apathy. The revolution I’m speaking of is the collective sociopolitical psychic adjustment we will undergo in order to integrate the paradigm shift that will occur if the choice of a majority of Americans is pulled from under their feet by the political establishment in such a shameless and blatant manner.


It will be like that moment you realize, as a child, that your parents are fallible humans.