Police have no voice.


Law enforcement personnel should not be censored from freedom of expression, but that is the way things seem to pan out.  Why is this?


If there is anyone in the world with a better personal thermometer of humanity, it has to be emergency responders.  They see the world that humanity has to offer, on a daily, even hourly, basis.  If anything, these people are the best qualified to describe the nuances of modern socialization the best. Why must they be expected to kowtow to the that SJW party line?  They should be allowed to recognize that which they see. Even when it conflicts with the pretty paradigm.



A sheriff’s deputy is out of a job after going on social media to disparage people involved in a brawl that left one man dead and six other people shot, stabbed or beaten.
The Sampson County sheriff’s office on Tuesday fired Deputy Charles Patrick Foreman after one of his Facebook comments implied that the people involved Sunday were poor. Foreman said people arranging the event at Lakewood Country Club paid their deposit by electronic cash transfer, the method also used for food stamps.
The melee also left one deputy with cuts and a cruiser damaged after it was struck by people trying to escape the scene.
Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said he won’t tolerate employees who bring the integrity of his office into question.