The Way of Europe is suicide.


What is wrong with Europeans?


It’s unnatural and inhuman for you to knowingly place your well-being and safety in a submissive position to the ravages of violent, dangerous strangers for the sake of maintaining and nurturing a pet narrative.


Idealism for the sake of suicide seems to be the Way of Europe.


Coming soon, to America!


A young left-wing German politician has admitted she lied to police about the racial background of three men who raped her in case it triggered reprisals against refugees in her country.
Selin Gören, the national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid, was attacked by three men in January in the city of Mannheim where she works as a refugee activist.
The 24-year-old was ambushed late at night in a playground where she said she was forced to perform a sex act on her attackers.
After the assault she went straight to the police – but she did not tell them the ethnic make-up of the men, that they were speaking Arabic or Farsi.
Selin, aware of the backlash that migrants suffered after the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve – when hundreds of women were sexually assaulted and robbed by marauding gangs of immigrant youths – instead said she was robbed and said her attackers spoke German.
Now she has told Germany’s Spiegel magazine why she lied. After her initial interview at the end of January she returned to the police 12 hours later to tell them the real story.
She said a friend talked her into going back to the police with the real story because another woman had been raped in the area – an accusation later retracted by the alleged victim.
Selin, who has visited refugee camps in Iraq where she was shocked at the squalor people are living in, did not want to stoke ‘more hatred against migrants ín Germany.’
To help her cope she wrote an open letter to a fictional refugee and posted it on Facebook. It read in part: ‘I am really sorry that your sexist and line-crossing treatment of me could help fuel aggressive racism.



It’s sickness.


It’s a spiritual disease of disembodiment that is raging through the cultural forest of the civilized West.  Self-ridicule and self-debasement have whittled away all semblance of our primal survival mechanism.   Now we are husks of humanity barely seeking a reason to rightfully exist.