The Left will soon begin pushing the concept of “economic nationalism,” whatever the hell that is.


I believe the devil is in the details, but I also believe the details are in our future.


I believe the details provide us a chance to predict if we pay heed. If we openly and fiercely discern what the minutiae are telling us. Most people simply do not (all people) care to delve too deeply into the subtext of civilization’s meta-offerings.  Much of what we should know is abandoned along the path of apathy.


We’d rather pay attention to the immediate, the carnal, the hedonistic, because it is what we live, now. Only the vast-minded man bothers to untangle that immense portrait of mankind that might never affect us in this lifetime.


Some people live for ideas, some live for their senses.


I like to think I’m one of those “vast-minded” men. and this is why I sometimes latch on to a thread of discussion, of expression, and extrapolate a “premonition” which is a word I really hate become it is so laden with mysticism. A premonition is not magic; it is learned, skillful mastery of man’s journey based on his previous behavior. And if anything is true, it is that mankind will make the same mistakes, over and over and over, and over…ad infinitum.


And what better place to gauge society’s sordid downward journey than MSNBC’s published offerings (the ones which hide behind the thin veneer of journalistic objectivity).


Right now, I saw this from Chris (I age like a baseball glove) Matthews:





At first, it struck me that MSNBC published something not openly scornful of Donald Trump.





On the surface, not such a predictable Lefty damnation of Trump.


But the headline kept tugging at my mind.



>Economic nationalism.



WTF is “economic nationalism?”



Nationalism is innately economic, but it’s innately everything. All nationalism is economic, but perhaps not all economics concerns national sovereignty.  According to MSNBC.



So this avowedly anti-Trump MSM wing is trying to parse out “economic nationalism” under the pretense of validating its appeal to common sense, but in so doing, trims out the meatier aspects of American nationalism, which MSNBC obviously does not think much of.


Is this the new “putsch” of the American left-wing media?


To tout the honor of “economic nationalism” while neglecting the sociocultural aspects of nationalism in order to cover Donald Trump with a straight Liberal face?


Perhaps MSNBC realizes they have a Hillary problem and Donald might be the last man standing soon.  This leaves them with  the formidable task of covering him without appearing to succumb.


Mark my word. July 1, 2016. The MSM might very well begin pushing the “economic nationalism” dialog in order to accommodate the new paradigm without appearing to “sell out.” It’s the Left’s pussy way of holding on to its (non-existent) testicles.


I’ve always been weary of the “I’m an economic conservative but a social liberal” tripe.  But Trump might embody this distortion of the old dynamic.