“Liking” Presidential candidates has no benefits; likability is a useless luxury. Give me someone who can get the job done, is all…


Well, contrary to CNN’s shoddy polling design and disregard of basic statistics, the New York Times’ latest poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a very close race as we enter the summer convention phase of the Presidential campaign.


Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are deadlocked less than a month before the Democratic and Republican presidential conventions, according to a new national poll that shows the American electorate feeling disappointed in each candidate.
A Quinnipiac University survey released on Wednesday found that 42 percent of voters supported Mrs. Clinton while 40 percent backed Mr. Trump.



But there’s always a “but” when it comes to the media’s coverage of Trump. But. Voters still don’t like him, of course. Duh.


But the contentious tenor of the campaign is turning off voters, and most of them blame Mr. Trump. Quinnipiac’s poll found that 61 percent think that the campaign is increasing hatred and prejudice in the United States, and 67 percent of those who think that attribute it to the presumptive Republican nominee.


And apparently, some of those polled include globalist, let’s-inherit-the-world’s-problems tools.


Voters view Mr. Trump as being stronger on the economy and better suited to handle terrorism, while Mrs. Clinton is seen as more trusted by voters on immigration and handling international crises.



“More trusted” to hammer the last nail in America’s prosperity and sovereignty, whatever is left.


I doubt “likability” is very important when choosing our President. In fact, it’s better if we don’t collectively like our President. We want a President to rule, not to be our gushy sycophantic friend. I don’t particularly like Donald Trump but it won’t stop me from voting for him. Who the hell needs to “like” a Presidential candidate? You go with the one who you believe has the best interests of America at heart and the pragmatic, workable strategy, and balls, to make it work, and Hillary, at once despicable and unlikable, is ready to bury us knee-deep in global shit given the chance.