The laughable “Trumpatorium.”


The Hill has pointed out an article, quasi-announcement, in the Forward which calls for a hastily assembled sham denoted as a “Trumpatorium.”




How can the Forward, a relatively small news organization with a passionate national following and a journalistic pedigree more than a century old, respond? We haven’t been banned from covering Trump, as The Washington Post and other outlets have, but nor have we been offered much access. When given the opportunity, we ask the candidate tough questions, as we do any candidate, but that opportunity has been given only once so far.
So we have decided to declare a moratorium on Trump coverage for a day. A Trumpatorium, if you will.
For 24 hours beginning 5 am Tuesday, June 21, and ending 5 am Wednesday, June 22, we will refrain from publishing anything that mentions Trump’s name or his campaign.




The sheer amount of anti-Trump publicity to find itself propounded by the MSM is beyond baffling. The establishment has ceased hiding its vile agenda. The anti-Trump dialogue has usurped all good sense, reason, and emasculated gestures of fair play.


Crap like “Trumpatoriums” easily make slither way into common knowledge and perception. No questions asked, no eyebrows raised. Essentially, the mainstream media is giving voice to all who voice cynical detraction to an American political candidate, and no questions are asked.



What will happen to the first news outlet to put forth a Hillarytorium in which anything the shrew says is not publicized until her vast email catalog is transcribed and cross-referenced for the public’s immediate digestion.



Ah, not happening. not as long as Donald Trump…