“No Apologies” video points to Whites as “civilized engineers of modernity.”


Much triggering going on in this video.





It brings up many, many irrefutable points (for those who use logic as the determinant of accuracy). White people should bask in the order and civilization they brought to this world and people of color, my people included, should not begrudge White people their role in the comfortable state of our civilized present existence.


We must maintain some semblance of nuance lest we descend into a self-devouring pit of victimization and helplessness which tends to originate with groups representing cultures which generally can’t keep their cultural/societal shit straight. White people, having won the title of “civilized engineers of modernity,” also attained the ability to destroy and wreak havoc, which of course they’ve done; any group, in their position, would have done the same.


In fact, many of the “weaker” less accomplished groups have done a fine job of wreaking their own minute senses of havoc in the contexts of their own cultural milieu. White people have been able to do it on much larger scales, thus earning the added notoriety, but frankly, all groups, all people, humans, are adept and willing to subsume other weaker people. So let’s not make it sound like White people have a monopoly on barbarism.