CBS article talks about L.A. having the worst drivers but never mentions Armo Road Warriors by name.


This CBS piece highlights a survey which taunts that, of 200 American cities, Los Angeles-area drivers cluster around the bottom of the barrel, nationally, when it comes to driving skills.



A new survey of “Best Drivers” ranks Los Angeles and Glendale among the absolute worst. And the survey includes more than 200 cities.


KCAL9’s Rachel Kim reported from Glendale, in fact, that city ranked 195 out of 200.


“LA’s a crazy town to live in in general with the driving, but there’s something about Glendale where they just like to drive like nuts,” said Michael Laferla, a Glendale resident.



Uh-hmm, I nodded wisely, reading on. Waiting for the implied truth which, this being a mainstream news article, would obviously never be stated in words. We live in a hypocritical world of repressed public expression. Why is it that in a public forum we are reluctant to state that which most speak of comfortably and effusively in private? Why can we speak of things in our living room without inhibition but we turn mute in a public venue and the ensuing restraint makes us awkwardly beat around the bush?


The article continues circumventing the “horrible” truth about the epic bad driving to be spied in Glendale, a hilly suburb northeast of downtown.



The awful ranking is not something to be proud of, but it’s something that doesn’t surprise people in Glendale.



“I agree with it,” said Glendale resident Rebekah Hong.


“I can believe it,” said another.



Kim asked the people who live and work there why they thought the Jewel City wasn’t shining on this list.


“A lot of speeding, I would say, some reckless driving,” said Araceli Smith of Burbank.


“They don’t really follow signs. Yeah, like there will be no-left-turn signs but they’ll still make a left turn,” said Hong. “They cut off people.”


“We’ve had two accidents directly in front of our house where somebody’s just crashed into a parked car and there’s nothing else around,” said Laferla.


“Oh, it’s pretty bad. I know out of all my friends, I’m paying the most in insurance, and I’m thinking of moving out of here because it’s so expensive,” said Glendale’s Frank Kim.


Off-camera, a Glendale police officer also told our reporter that he wasn’t surprised that Glendale made the list.





There’s a big white (hairy) elephant on the road, and this article plowed through almost 350 words and never explicitly told us what we (those of us who live in Los Angeles) know very well: it’s the Armenian drivers!



armenian car



Their vehicular reputations are the stuff of local legend. Not so sure that their driving skills are “bad,” per se, but they are horribly aggressive, incautious, rude and inconsiderate, when given the car keys. Most L.A. drivers have experienced this crazed Armo Road Warrior thing at lest once in their driver’s licensed SoCal existence, and those who live in Glendale have the best tales.


There are many vehicular-ethnic stereotypes and in general, they happen for a reason. Because they are accurate summations of groups…it’s as if collective mentalities pool to typify a common driving behavior which we witness as we spend hours on the road here, even for trip as simple as running down the street to buy groceries.


Asian drivers truly are bad, especially of the Chinese variety. Black drivers are very aggressive and impatient. Prius drivers are obliviously rude and for all intents and purposes, Toyota should stop installing the turn-signal stalk on that car line because it is never used. Hispanic drivers are slow and lackadaisical (including yours truly).  White upper class drivers tail gate (I’m the only who has noticed this).


And Armenian drivers are just psycho.