California has found a way to house those minimum wage, $15/hr fast food workers.


To cap off the latest move in a long series of genius legislative moves here is California, the Los Angeles City Council has voted to place the Build Better LA Initiative on the November ballot.


In the spirit of reverse, control-supply-and-demand-from-the-back-end idiocy on the part of do-gooders in the Golden State, they’ve volunteered a bureaucratic bit of convoluted legislation that will provide housing to none who can’t afford it and shouldn’t be able to.



If approved, the measure would require developers to include affordable housing units in large projects for which they seek special permission to skirt zoning codes or to build beyond density and height restrictions. It would also require that 30 percent of construction workers on these projects be hired locally, and that 10 percent be from areas where the median income is under $40,000. Or, developers could avoid the affordable housing rule altogether by electing to pay a fee instead.



What’s the point of this dizzying foray into mandated illusions of governmental benevolence?  All such gestures of legislated equalization of opportunities reek of underground money-making cashcows, especially within the greedy context of civic California.


And dizzying it is. The conditions and divergences and intersections reads like a crowded mass of Venn circles overlapping and then not, and ultimately, nothing is really covered or solved.

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Who’s going to move into all these artificially affordable living units? Maybe all those $15/hr fast food workers that California was also fond of socially engineering. California:  where there is always a madness to our method….