It’s hot but I’m genetically predisposed to shrug it off.


Yeah, so much for SoCal’s June gloom. It lasted all of like a week.


At 1731 hours, today, this:





6 16 weather



Southern Californians also posted competing photos on Facebook and Instagram of their soaring thermometers as the last day of spring brought summerlike temperatures to the region.


Burbank and Glendale, just north of downtown Los Angeles, soared past 100 degrees by midday, the National Weather Service said. Burbank saw a record 105 degrees.
That heat was no help to firefighters who had to work to put out a wildfire in a Los Angeles neighborhood, where densely packed homes were briefly in danger.
Further northwest in the San Fernando Valley, some thermometers were reading close to 110 degrees, and Palm Springs in the inland desert hit 115.
The heat spurred state regulators to urge residents to voluntarily cut their consumption of electricity Monday. It did not yet bring the rolling blackouts that might Southern Californians have been told to expect this summer after a massive natural gas leak.




Mah gf is Japanese and the heat destroys her. Genetically, East Asians crumble in the dry, ridiculous SW US heat.


I don’t exactly thrive, but I don’t crumble. I prefer the cold but my body is primed to shrug off the heat, mentally and physiologically.



Time to put the A/C on.  (Once I’m done with the laundry, that is;  in East L.A., the electronic grid is so weak and sub-optimal that using two large appliances at once risks a blackout meltdown).


Viva La Raza!