A “Big Tent Nationalism” for 21st Century America?


This, the other day.


3 days ago,” to be exact.23


A comment thread in response to my Obama/sedition post and sensibleman posed a very sensible question to me.



forgive me for asking, but as a minority, you fear Obama conspiracies more than the Alt-Right surge here at home and elsewhere?



Rhetorically, I replied (as I would be leaving the house shortly and didn’t have time for a lengthier one):



Why fear an Alt-Right global surge? Where are you insinuating that might lead…?



Where, and how, does a “person of color” fit in the Alt Right, circa 2016?


Perhaps this depends a lot on how you define the Alt Right and your personal expectations of it. Your personal expectations are not necessarily your desires. In fact, sensibleman, who I gather leans quite left, replied with his nightmare scenario that sounds like the generic Lefty panacea that naturally attends everything they associate with Conservative militancy.



Well, a revolution, ethnic cleansing, just regular street violence (hardcore Trump people are not known for the greatest impulse control, every other time other than incident recently, they initiated the violence), the works….



My rhetorical question was naturally crafted to elicit this response which sensibleman gladly fulfilled.


As an ethnic “minority” do we (I) have anything to fear from the Alt Right movement? I don’t believe so. In its purest form, the Alt Right represents a committed and principled pursuit of nationalism whose predominant motive is the assertion of national sovereignty for all nations. Extended further, there is the concomitant Alt Right agenda which involves trouncing globalism in all forms; as such, globalism can be represented by corporate/industrial strategies to recruit company-wide resources from across global borders only for the greedy benefit of said corporate entity. Corporations, seeking to make the planet their feeding and dumping ground, have no national allegiances, and thus, discount the revitalizing and stabilizing influence of strong national structures and borders. In fact, as the Alt Right is well aware, globalism’s interests contradict nearly all nationalistic imperatives. Immigration, the scourge of nationalists, embodies the most flagrant tool of globalism and thus elicits heightened scrutiny and emotional backlash.


Now the Alt Right and Nationalism movements span a range of approaches and viewpoints and inevitably, when deferring to sovereignty and pride in national character, racism becomes a common thematic element. But racism is not a common, or even innate, ingredient of nationalism. The fact that it exists should not deter “people of color” from engaging in nationalistic fervor. This will require that they separate their ethnic fervor from nationalistic fervor, and this is entirely possible. Those who uphold much of the American brand of Nationalism spring from Britain, Germany, the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe…why shouldn’t other “ethnicity’s of color” subscribe to the same? ┬áThe problem is that there is a fine nuance required to comprehend such multi-dimensional belief systems, and such maneuvering defies the ability of most people. There is a lazy conformity that draws people into blurring, dumbly, ethnic and nationalistic fervor. In my case, I am aware of the intricacies and histories that shape my mentality and temperament owing to my Mexican ethnicity. I welcome these and find my ethnic history interesting, but ultimately I accept, simultaneously, the fact that I was born in the United States, I love the United States, and am fully committed to the United States as an ideal and as my immediate personal national identifier. I don’t need to fly the Mexican flag or speak Spanish to realize my ethnic fervor. I’m in America. I want what is best for this country I live in and where I pay my exorbitant taxes. In making statements about the political scene of the Untied States, I see no reason to defer to any symbols of Mexican nationalism. That is stupid and misguided. The Mexican flag for the people of Mexico; the United States flag for the people of the United States.


In this way, a person of color should have no fear or hesitation in embracing the nationalism of the Alt Right.


sensibleman’s nightmare scenario of “ethnic cleansing” and “violence in streets” is always a possibility, under any circumstance, regardless of the dominant social power structure. ┬áMan’s nature is thus. Nationalism’s history certainly is rife with such chaotic, nihilistic episodes, but this is no reason for ethnic minorities to reflexively fear such possibilities in 2016 Trumpian America.


Perhaps the nationalism that may be ushered in now in the early 21st Century will reflect the globalism of the age. Perhaps the United States is ready for a “big tent” brand of Nationalism whose predominant requirement will be that the strength and integrity of the American homeland reigns above all other capitalistic, ethnic and communal motivations.


America First!