Ayesha Curry, official Entitled Crybaby Queen of the NBA Finals.


Do these men look alike?



curry lookalike



According to the Guardian, they do not.



Side-by-side photos of Ayesha’s father and Aminzadeh show that the two do not look alike, and the alleged scammer appears to be younger.



At question is whether Ayesha Curry’s (wife of embattled Warriors’ Guard, Stephen) father, right,  (unnamed in this article), and a well-known NBA scam-artist-about-town, David Aminzadeh, left, look alike enough to have warranted Ayesha’s father from being mistaken by security guards and detained for questioning during game 6 of Finals, thus eliciting a round of woeful self-victimization on her part.  During game 6, her husband made a scene of himself by flinging his mouthpiece into the crowd, a deed which earned him an ejection from the game and a $25,000 fine.


Ayesha Curry is certainly playing the part of Entitled Crybaby Queen. Does she ever just close that cry-for-me trap of hers?



At Game 6 of the NBA finals at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Stephen’s wife Ayesha tweeted, “Police racial profiled my father and told him to remove credentials and tried to arrest him. It’s been a long night for me.”
After the game, Curry elaborated further, telling reporters, “I was just kind of debriefed on what the security thought happened with some guy that poses with fake credentials and gets backstage at a lot of events, the NBA finals and all that stuff. They kind of profiled my father-in-law and thought he was him. They threatened to arrest him before they checked out his credentials. It’s kind of been an emotional and tough night all the way around.”



and there was



After the 115-101 loss to the Cavaliers, [Stephen] Curry told reporters that the ordeal with security was upsetting for his family.
“That was kind of a traumatic situation where her [Ayesha’s] dad almost got arrested. So it was kind of a tough situation to deal with in a hostile environment. All in all, it’s just a game. I hope that everybody is all right.”



And Ayesha still had more gripes about everything else after misconstruing the concept of “racial profiling” which really had nothing to do with her father-in-law’s temporary detention.



She wrote that she and other relatives of the players were stuck on a bus right before the game began: “10 mins til game time and the whole teams families are sitting here on a bus. They won’t let us in yet. Interesting tactic though. Again.”
She also tweeted and subsequently deleted a post saying that the game was “absolutely rigged” after her husband was ejected from the game and fined for throwing his mouthpiece into the crowd.
She later tweeted she was upset at people attacking her family “for absolutely no reason”.



I can certainly see why her father was mistaken for Aminzadeh, especially in a frenzied, real-life context of a crowded floor of a championship NBA game. This was not a case of racial profiling as much as it was a case of understandable mistaken identity. Ayesha had a bad game 6 day and she is acting like a petulant little girl.





Ayesha Curry
Ayesha Curry