Omar Mateen’s agenda under scrutiny; maybe another Holy Cultural Victim besides gays?


All this talk about Omar Mateen’s 49-person killing spree being the result of his repressed homosexuality begs the question: really?


Was he protecting Blacks?



Patience Carter went to Orlando with a friend’s family on vacation, and ended up one of the few surviving witnesses to the last moments of the worst mass shooting in American history.
Carter said after he hung up the phone, he “started speaking in Arabic,” but she said she wasn’t sure to whom, and then he had a question for the others cowering in earshot.
“Are there any black people in here?” Mateen asked, according to Carter.
She said she was too afraid to reply, but another black person hiding in the bathroom did.
“I don’t have a problem with black people,” Mateen reportedly said in reply. “This is about my country. You guys suffered enough.”
Pulse was attacked on Latin night, and many of those killed were from Puerto Rico, although there are other ethnicities among the dead.



I think Patience will shut up soon, but she’s flapped those gums enough to do some damage to the Dialogue.


Let’s see them try to thwart this “bit” of eyewitness info….


Patience Carter
Patience Carter