A gay mass shooting in Orlando; “Gayda rage” or “Fundy retribution?”


A mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando and the Twitter drama is predictably fierce.


Like the Tweet from this He-diva:



Nothing says emotional trauma like a churning stomach.



Orlando police have confirmed mass casualties after a shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday.
The shooting at Pulse Nightclub occurred just after 2 a.m. Police tweeted just before 6 a.m. that the shooter was dead. The circumstances of his death are not yet clear.
One witness told MSNBC that they had to crawl over bodies to get out of the club.
NBC affiliate WESH reported that a crisis negotiator was at the scene, and Orlando Police said an explosion heard around 5 a.m. ET was a controlled event.


The “controlled explosion” is intriguing.  Was there a suspicious package or was he just happy to see men in uniforms?


At this early point in the story news cycle, we have two possibilities, as I see it.


The shootings were:



  1. A right-wing Fundy attack on the sinful venue which is a gathering spot (hence focal target) for apostasy and sexually perverted hedonism
  2. Homo butt-hurt reaction (literally) at being dumped/rejected by a lover or object of infatuation.


The deed is done and all the discussion and debating in the world cannot undo the events that took place in this bar. I suspect the MSM and the majority of lefty collective SJW culture are secretly rooting for #1 as it will feed their innate drive to fret and wail about collective injustices committed against an aggrieved group.22


All other normal people don’t give a crap if the homos kill themselves.


Is your stomach churning yet?