Hand-job to go, courtesy of the drunk English girl.


This 20-year-old English party girl has a prosthetic right hand.


The other night she did what party girls do, especially the English ones:  she got loaded.



da hand



She used the bathroom (probably toppled to it) and the rest is history.



Amelia Welch, 20, was partying after a university summer ball in Oceana in Plymouth, Devon, and took it off while in the bathroom.
The next morning she realised she had not brought it home and is now pleading for its return.
Miss Welch, from Axminster, said: ‘I don’t know at what point I lost it, but I didn’t have it the next day.
‘I think I went to the toilet, took it off, probably left it and didn’t realise.’
Miss Welch, who has just finished her first year of a marine biology degree at Plymouth University, was born with a congenital hand malformation.
However, she does have some use of her right hand so takes the prosthetic off as it is easier to complete some tasks.



Yeah, I bet!


If I was loathsome and depraved enough, this unattached female hand might be the ultimate hand-job-to-go; the fact it belongs to a pretty hot young co-ed surely does not hurt…