I think Bernie is suffering from some sort of age-onset dementia.


At first, it was fun.  Funny.  And there was a degree of excusable frivolity about it.  But he is starting to get a little awkward.


I think most people experience this same wave of conflicting emotions at the magic moment they realize a loved one, usually an elderly family statesman, begins to display a weakening grasp of reality.  All that shit your grandpa talks about, and talked about, and which you guffawed at?  But which now seems more urgent, humorless, unironic?


All that crap he spews which you can no longer ignore and which now haunts everyone in earshot with its devastating spiral into despair?


Bernie Sanders and his persistent, incongruous, and frankly, weird, drive to win the Presidency of the United States, is starting to freak me out.21


Hillary the Shrew is the “presumptive” Democratic nominee. Why doesn’t Bernie go away, enjoy whatever time he has left; if he loves the spotlight so much (as it’s quite obvious he does), he can kick off a speaking circuit while making tons of loot in the process.


But Bernie persists in holding rallies and carnival barking as if he might very well victor in an American Presidential election if it were held tomorrow.





I think Bernie is losing his mind, and this weirdest of all American stages, past or present, the 2016 Presidential one, has afforded us a very uneasy glimpse into his gradual mental deconstruction.


Bernie, time to get some help.