Positive feedback on the Hollywood Freeway (where else).


I tend to be a very fair-minded guy. I believe strongly in the principle of knowledge and exhaustive assertion of all facts necessary.


Opinions based on cherry-picked data and apocryphal narratives suffer from what social scientists call lack of reproducibility.  The greater an opinion is demonstrably based upon an unchecked field of conflicting, self-refuting data, the stronger our trust in its measures.


And I apply this dictum to half the stuff I write. My writings here are, quite contrary to most of the blogosector I frequent, spun on gut instinct and observation. I don’t defer to cold hard data much. There are enough bloggers out there who delight in statistical compilations and graph charts to spell their points out; I prefer the personal narrative.


And my personal narrative from last week in which I described a caustic encounter with another driver who kept repeating “Fuck Trump” along the freeway, in addition to berating my American economy car, might lead many to believe, based on my personal experience only, that a Trump bumper-sticker exposes one to danger and hostility. But today, on the drive home, almost at the same place on the 101 freeway, a young kid drove up next to me, made a loud sound to capture my attention, and when I looked over he waved his fist and yelled “make America great again!” I smiled and continued driving.


Can I use these encounters as a statistical measure of Donald Trump’s California outlook? ┬áHardly, but one cannot short-change public reactions.