Muhammad coulda been my daddy; this is why internet denizens get bullied.


I think some internet people either, 1) Seek to provoke and entrap through petty public postulations, or 2) Are truly as clueless as they come.


Kinda remind me of this little Filipino chick I once knew who constantly spewed open-ended fractured-English malapropisms that leaned toward the sexual end of the verbalfailure spectrum but which ultimately were unpinnable on her because she was simply too (or presented the image of) ditzy and fobbish to indict.20


For instance, this internet specimen.



ali dopple



IOW, is this Baratunde dude for real?


Granted, he is hiding behind the Social Justice Firewall of Medium, a lukewarm tepid pool of playnice and actinhibited dreck; he knows that he can get away with asking stupid open-ended shit like this and never get called out on it. I think the internet is slowly, as embodied by the polarities typified by a Trumpian Presidential run, a battle between those who (pretend to) behave and those who don’t bother with such lame pretense.


Sure. You looked a little like Muhammad Ali, but I also see traces of George Foreman.


And a lot of Sonny Liston.


Any of them could have been your dad.