Trump acceptance as a paradigm shift (aka, Overton Window).


The Washington Post’s political blogger, Chris Cillizza, wrote a very Trump-weary (or Trump-resigned), insightful piece earlier. It is refreshing to behold when a Trump naysayer (in the MSM world, the rule, not the exception) reaches the conclusion, even realization, that Donald Trump is present, a generally immutable force on the political scene, and as such, refrains from, as not too many anti-Trumpers do, railing and flailing despondently against the Presidential candidate’s unrelenting dictatorial control of the 2016 political dialogue.


Cillizza seems to understand the best that strategy that anti-Trumpers can exert with The Donald is the tactic of non-engagement. Trump feeds off the stupid who constantly fall for his bait. Trump is the greatest vampire of emotion in American politics; he triggers reaction and feeds on the crimson-painted outbursts and reactions of those who cannot think analytically because they are so preoccupied with emotionalism as debate.



At this point, conversations about Trump’s ability and willingness to offend are almost pointless. Ditto debates about whether and how Trump’s comments will affect his standing in the 2016 race. He does and says things that not only would be poison for any other politician of either party but also play dangerously with racial and ethnic politics. Yet, to date, he has prospered.
What is important is that we can now dismiss the notion that Trump will adjust his rhetoric or his issue positions to accommodate the general electorate. That idea is totally and completely false. There is no Trump 2.0, no reinvention of Trump as more inclusive or less combative waiting just on the horizon. This is it.19
“You think I’m going to change?” he asked rhetorically during a combative news conference Tuesday at Trump Tower. “I’m not changing.”
He has said some version of “Trump gonna Trump” for weeks…
Think about it from Trump’s perspective. Everyone — and I do mean everyone — laughed at him when he got into the presidential race almost a year ago. They said he was nothing more than a reality-TV star. A loud-talking know-nothing who would not go anywhere.
Then Trump won the GOP nomination. Persuasively.


What possible lesson could he draw from that? This one: That the people who say they know what works in politics have no clue. And that the people who matter (voters) love his over-the-top rhetoric and willingness to be controversial all the time.



The “evolved” perspective that Cillizza has undergone is emblematic of a “shift” in how we perceive and understand Donald Trump, the unlikely Presidential candidate.


Some call it the Overton Window, others (including myself) call it a paradigm shift.  The fact that the lefty/centrist MSM is finally recognizing this distasteful (for them) fact and expressing recognition of it tells me we are finally moving to the next stage of Trump acceptance.