Great blog moments which never happened (the Jail Hillary crusade).


As I’ve made clear, on those rare days I drive around Los Angeles, my car is equipped with a dash cam which also records sound (quite well, I should say). A dash cam is a wonderful tool for it captures minute, mundane events which mean little unto themselves other than providing amusement and other scraps of entertainment for the entertainment-starved to desire and masticate over.


And occasionally, my dash cam has captured situations which I believe are noteworthy enough to post here (but which, in reality, don’t deserve such notoriety).


So tonight on my commute home, something happened which goes hand-in-hand with my post from Monday. I described the intricacies of a Mexican-American Trump supporter driving around this town with a Trump, “make America great again,” bumper-sticker emblazoned across his rear windshield.





It just so happened that tonight on the 101 freeway, near the Melrose Avenue exit, an Armenian-looking thug with a car-full of girls in a White BMW 5-series (newer) rode up next to me and began yelling “FUCK TRUMP FUCK TRUMP!”


His lane sped past me but I caught up eventually and slowed to pace him.  Through open windows I waved my finger in a dismissive circle as if to say “big deal, whatever.” And my lane passed him, but as happens in Los Angeles, his lane eventually caught up to mine.  The windows were open and I waited with baited breath for his next litany of shit. And it was good, I gotta say.


“FUCK TRUMP, FUCK TRUMP! HEY, MAYBE TRUMP CAN GET YOU A BETTER CAR!” And with this, his lane sped up again for good and he disappeared from sight.


My dash cam was rolling and I had everything planned out.  The post, the video, it was going to be good.  I salivated as only a mental nerd can.  I even had the post subject line formulated.


“I can’t wait for my TrumpCar; an encounter with a Trump hater on LA’s freeways.”


It was going to be good.


I stopped to buy groceries, rushed home, to my desktop.  Only to discover I was using the smallest SD card I have, a puny 8-gig piece of shit that managed to loop this encounter out of existence in  the measly 1 hour it took to get home. My post, that scintillating video, gone to the ether.  So devastated, so disappointed.


Oh well, I consoled myself.  Driving around in this town with that bumper-sticker should afford many more similar opportunities.  Not all hope is lost.


The vitriol and hatred that Donald Trump elicits astounds me.


I’m firmly from the school of “I’d rather people hate me than be indifferent to me.” This is, has, always been the way my mind functions. I will go out of my way to antagonize people in order to be noted; there is no worse fate than being ignored or forgotten, in my self-absorbed mind.  I suspect Donald Trump’s leitmotif is such, as well.


His specialty is proudly lingering in the public eye.  This is the first step toward popularity and acceptance.  He shifts the paradigm unilaterally.  As PUA types say, he establishes his own frame, and realizing just how weak-minded the collective American/West psyche is in 2016, it’s quite easy for a bold man to command the public stage as long as he integrates the “no fucks to give” mentality.


For instance, Donald said something today that he obviously knew would trigger reaction far and wide. The story broke a little while ago so the percussion is headed our way, like a big old tsunami of Demo-Liberal shit.


He said HIllary should be imprisoned.


How can one not love or hate this? In other words, how can one ignore this?



San Jose, California (CNN) — Donald Trump on Thursday called for his likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned.
“I will say this, Hillary Clinton has got to go to jail,” Trump told supporters here as he slammed Clinton’s foreign policy speech earlier in the day in which Clinton called Trump dangerous and “temperamentally unfit” to be president.
“Folks, honestly, she’s guilty as hell,” Trump said of the Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state.
Trump has previously accused Clinton of breaking federal law, but his comments on Thursday are his most direct call yet for Clinton to face jail time over her use of private email to conduct official State Department affairs.



Donald knows this has no legs per se, but when uttered in the context of a Presidential race, it is just outlandish and boorish enough to gather steam and barrel down every sacred cow willing to moo against the media pulpit. It is great!


Many more FUCK TRUMPs are sure to ensue and I promise to begin using 32-gig SD cards in my dash cam from now on.