(((Derogatory))) symbols, not just for the Jews any more.


In case you were not in the know, there has been a shorthand uncommon knowledge floating in certain portions of the internet that parentheses, when tripled twice, at the beginning (opening) and end (closing) of a phrase, word, term, denote “Jew” in a less than flattering manner. The punctuation element to this “eagle worm”18  renders it invisible to search engines and thus, removes it from the radar in the Man’s quest to clamp down and stomp out dissent of all types, especially that which He deems unsavory and politically incorrect in measures that fall off the charts.


Such forbidden knowledge, naturally becomes known, publicly, especially in the internet age where secrets die young and surely. This article over on Tech.Mic uncovers this surreptitious grammatical neo-Nazi tool (as the knowledge slowly seeps into “communal” awareness).


Neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white nationalists have begun using three sets of parentheses encasing a Jewish surname — for instance, (((Fleishman))) — to identify and target Jews for harassment on blogs and major social media sites like Twitter. As one white supremacist tweeted, “It’s closed captioning for the Jew-blind.”
Jonathan Weisman, deputy Washington editor for the New York Times, wrote about his experience as a victim of this harassment in a May 26 story.
“Hello ((Weisman))” it began after Weisman tweeted a Washington Post article about Donald Trump titled “This Is How Fascism Comes to America.
The origins of the symbol ((())) can be traced to a hardcore, right-wing podcast called The Daily Shoah in 2014. It’s known as an “echo” in the anti-Semitic corners of the alt-right — a new, young, amorphous conservative movement that comprises trolls fluent in internet culture, free speech activists warring against political correctness and earnest white nationalists. Some use the symbol to mock Jews; others seek to expose supposed Jewish collusion in controlling media or politics. All use it to put a target on their heads.



This got me to thinking.


Why should we let the Jews own all rights to eternal cultural victimization? Surely all other racial and ethnic groups can join in the keyboard repression, no?












Hell, we can even use something for the great oppressors, themselves!