Bernie can have his enchilada and eat it too; Donald, however, would have been swatted.


What I would like to ask all those toy Pancho Villa revolutionaries who shadow Donald Trump’s national appearances with their Mexican flags and belligerent exclamations of ignorance and overturned cars is why they only focus their dramatic wrath on Trump when their own guy, and broader political “representatives,” persistently disregard the “Hispanic agenda” and flaunt trite stereotypes and generalizations (usually of the culinary type)?


Chuck Todd from NBC’s MTP elicited a (what I believe can be construed as a racial trigger) from Bernie Sanders on the show earlier (at the 3:39pm time stamp). When he asked how Sanders would feel about his chances if he doesn’t win California in the mammoth state’s June 7 primary, the candidate was at first evasive, and when Todd pursued this line of questioning, Sanders finally relented:


“Hey, look, Chuck, California is the big enchilada, so to speak. Obviously it is enormously important, and obviously we want to win it. But … I think by the end of the process, we may win half of the states. So we’re going to fight till the last vote is cast and try to appeal to the last delegate that we can.”


I, for one, as a Mexican-American, am offended by this!


Everyone knows California is full of Mexicans. We own (emotionally) this state and Sanders’ choice of semantics is marginal, at best.


If Donald Trump had uttered such words, the ethnically-offended condemnations would have begun immediately. Reccist! would have been the uproar from certain quarters.


But Bernie said it and the silence is deafening. Bernie is allowed to have his enchilada and eat it, too.