A dreamy morning of dying dogs, vomiting children and Asian pop music.


It’s rare, due to my unusual sleeping patterns and sleep routine, that I remember my dreams when I awake in the morning.16


Last night, I awoke at 2:30 from the first phase of my biphasic habit (as opposed to what seems to be my “normal”) 3:00. I apparently drifted into deep enough sleep after returning to bed at 3:30 that I experienced a succession of dreams that were still fresh in my mind when I awoke to make breakfast at 5:05 this morning.


The dreams, as mine invariably are, were dark, disconcerting forays into private nightmarish scenarios of ghastliness.


One concerned my annoyance and scolding of a gentle old dog that wanted my physical comfort. I slapped the snout and shouted at it; someone (not sure who, a disembodied somebody) told me the dog was sick and dying. Suddenly, my behavior changed and I began cradling the dog compassionately in my arms knowing it was dying soon, and only then did I became aware of its frail health.


In another dream, I was at a party with a bunch of people I didn’t know. There were children and families and everyone was dressed well. After food was served, I noticed a young girl, about 7, seemed to be choking or unable to breathe. My emetophobia was triggered and the scene suddenly took on the appearance of something I was watching through a television screen at a distance. She kept acting as if she were having a fit, she couldn’t breathe it seemed, and no one was noticing, but I was no longer in the scene since my emetophobic cowardice distanced me from action. Finally she collapsed to the floor and people noticed. She began flailing about wildly like Regan in The Exorcist. Then it came…the vomiting. She vomited all over the place, it just poured out, I think it was cream-colored. People were trying to restrain her and they wrapped her in Glad trash bags to carry her to bed. She finally stopped seizing and vomiting and I surfaced back on the scene and I asked if I should call 911. People looked at me incredulously, like I was insane. Obviously, the answer was no, this was not an emergency, but my racing heart told me otherwise. I ran out the door and a man was mad at me for doing this and I could hear him tell the hostess never to invite me to a party again.


And this morning I awoke to Asian music. It was one of those corny poppish upbeat Asian songs fronted by a brittle, chirpy female Asian voice that is undoubtedly sung by a cute thin girl with bouncing ponytails, cute mascara-ed face and a short skirt while sidestepping dance-like across the stage while waving her hands in a wiping-the-chalkboard fashion. This I didn’t see, it was only a visualization that I imprinted on the voice and music. My dream was completely auditory and then I awoke. That song (which I’ve never heard, for I do not watch or listen to Asian entertainment) stuck in my mind up until a few minutes ago.