The practical advantages of a Trump window cling car sticker.


It’s not simply a pretty face.


In fact, I would say there is a function to its form. Its window cling form.




trump sticker


After all, it’s a scientific fact that those most strongly opposed to Donald Trump’s Presidential aspirations are prone to scant levels of impulse-control and thus, you do not want to expose yourself as a Trump supporter within their field of vision and ensuing mad madness.


And they are mad and purely nonsensical.



Hence, affixing such a sticker to one’s car, while perhaps exposing the driver to certain potential bodily dangers at the hands of the anti-Trump contingent, may also, and more likely a possibility, expose one’s untended car to certain lowlife expressions of vandalism.


With this in mind, the window cling Trump sticker option is far superior in terms of peace of mind in the face of the short-bused, mentally-deficient anti-Trump contingent which generally is very fond of random and diffuse acts of destruction and vandalism which accomplish nothing other than making themselves look like lunatics and further pounding home the nails in the coffins that house their last vestiges of respectability.


I drive my car about 3 days a week, at most, so my opportunity moments to brazenly flaunt my Trump support will be rare.