Provocative NYT piece on the squalor of the stolen American dream.


The New York Times has exerted a good portion of its column space into the examination of the dwindling vibrancy of Americana in recent years, and the latest installment appears today. The backdrop of this article is an e-cigarette store in in the Eastern Western 15 mountains of North Carolina, darkly and somewhat cynically called The Tapering Vapor.


If ever there was a metaphorical summation of the graveyard of the American dream that is rapidly fracturing this country, it is the name of the vape shop in this article. For America’s declining working, middle class, its declining life expectancy and quality of life has become nothing but a tapering vapor.  Vanished into thin air, stolen by the horrid gravity which it seems, in the most wretched of moments, the elites have miraculously pilfered for their own crooked use as well.

New York Times
New York Times

And of course, the resultant upheaval and exertion of power that the people in dying Americana can best express, Donald Trump. In this paragraph we learn the true impetus behind much of Trump’s popularity and appeal to the economically desperate.



Eddie Settle, the chairman of the County Commission, was giving a driving tour of the county a few days before the March primaries when a pickup truck adorned with a Confederate flag passed by. It is a common sight here, Mr. Settle said, though he argued that the Confederate symbol has less to do with racism than an ingrained suspicion of those in power. He said the same dynamic explained Mr. Trump’s appeal: “It’s not because he’s Donald Trump. It’s because he’s anti-establishment.”



And when the Establishment bends you over and makes you squeal like a pig, as this article demonstrates vividly, what recourse do you have but to flail back with the unorthodox and petulant candidate who fights your vicarious fight by defying the pretty lies the Establishment uses to subdue and gut your fate of meaning and motivation?