Why isn’t everybody crying TERRORISM about this?


Isn’t any transportation disaster (especially of the European variety) suspect by definition?’


Four French police killed in Pyrenees helicopter crash



Four French police have been killed in a helicopter crash in the Pyrenees mountain range along the border with Spain.
The accident happened at an altitude of between 2,000 and 3,000 metres near the Vignemale, the highest peak on the French side of the mountains, authorities said.
The dead, who were all in their 40s, included the pilot, co-pilot and two mountain rescue specialists involved in a training exercise, local authorities said.
Eric Serfass, the prosecutor from the nearby town of Tarbes who announced an investigation into the crash, said although weather at the time of the crash on Friday had been good, flying at such altitudes was “extremely difficult”.



I think a lot of people latch on to the “romanticization” of airline accidents, and it doesn’t hurt that such disasters offer the greatest return on investment for terrorist groups looking to make a splash.


But why not local helicopter routes?


If the terrorists are smart, they would concentrate on the micro instead of the macro.