If EgyptAir 804 is in fact an AAA, there will be video provided to claim responsibility.





Whoa, pardner; pretty bold claims there.


Now of course I will admit this is the first thing I thought also upon learning that the missing EgyptAir flight was flying from Paris to Cairo. In fact, it almost seems like a no-brainer.


However, it’s only a hunch at this point. We need more facts, more evidence, something, before we can so resolutely call it a terrorist act. But then again, that is Donald Trump’s great strength: being resolute as all hell in the face of the ambiguous. This brashness and boldness is what will probably propel him into the White House this Fall.


And it’s because missing planes in recent years have resulted is such flailing, dead-end search and rescue ops, that I dare call this “ambiguous,” and furthermore, why I believe that if in fact flight 804 was brought down intentionally, those responsible will likely provide obvious rehearsed video footage of their pre-planned attack. In a world where planes vanish, I theorize terrorists will defer to providing “proof” of their participation in order to claim ambiguous aeronautical enigmas as their own doing.