Let’s dispel with the fiction that Polacks are dumb.


Seems you don’t hear them so much any more, but I remember well the days when Polack jokes were quite popular, and in fact warranted entire joke books devoted to this single comic ethnic gimmick. Poor Polacks. Everyone laughed haughtily and very few of us cared to entertain serious query as to whether or not Polish people were really as stupid as the jokes would have you believe. I naturally never truly believed Polish people were dumber than the general state of dumbness that afflicts humanity across all ethnic lines, but it made for cheap, lazy humor.10


I thought “one day they will have the last laugh” and who would have thought that moment is now.


Throw out those joke books and leave the Polacks alone.


For compared to their more “enlightened” European neighbors, the Poles are damned geniuses wielding elevated and refreshing levels of common sense. And balls.


Poland is essentially refusing to comply with the European Commission’s extortion demands that member countries must accept a set number of refugees; failing to do so will results in fines of 250,000 Euros per refused refugee which could lead to a fine of over one billion Euros for the Eastern European country for failing to accept 6,500 immigrants, the quota it was assigned.



The head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party and former PM Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that no refugees will be accepted in Poland “as they pose a threat to security” adding that Poland will oppose any law forcing EU members to pay €250,000 per refused refugee.
“After recent events connected with acts of terror [Poland] will not accept refugees because there is no mechanism that would ensure security,” Law and Justice (PiS) chair Kaczynski said on Saturday, as quoted by Radio Poland.
“Such a decision would abolish the sovereignty of EU member states – of course, the weaker ones. We don’t agree to that, we have to oppose that, because we are and we will be in charge in our own country,” Kaczynski said adding that “this is the position of the prime minister and the whole of PiS… From the beginning we felt that this issue should be resolved, assisting refugees outside the EU.”



Behold that bold assertion of sovereignty and nationalist defiance. What a strange thing to hear coming from a statesman’s mouth in the year 2016.


We will be in charge of our own country.


Are you listening, (Western) Europe? In your lemming rush to destroy the integrity and social structure of your own countries have you lost your sense of hearing?


It’s time to banish the Polack jokes and replace them with Kraut and Swedish meatball jokes because those are the countries that have truly displayed shocking levels of collective national inanity.