A Feminist Creep’s Wet Dream, ie, John Kasich.


FYI: Following through with my earlier blog threat as promised on April 19, I’ve begun instituting “Page Notes,” a device in which I will sporadically and randomly reference a quasi-“end note” on this blog similar to that which David Foster Wallace was remarkably and tirelessly fond of in his fiction.


Page Note #1 can be found in this post.   I will not “warn” of future usages of Page Notes (ie, 2 +).


-Social Extinction management



Cleverness is amusing.


Cleverness is catchy in a “sound-bytey” way.


Clever is like a hollow, commercial jingle brought to you by the unimaginative corporate advertising agency Xx&x&X.


Ultimately, clever is dull-witted and expresses nothing of substance;  Social Lefties eat Clever up. Perhaps because cleverness tends to be brief and vapid and fits suitably in most forms of modern ironic social media. Hence this Tweet which I saw on a Jewess friend’s “like” constabulary earlier today.





A clever and wry observation. I’m amused. But it means nothing, and argues less.

Ted Cruz…he’s alive.  He was born and entered this life which allowed him to run for a Presidential nomination.  Running for President is entirely your choice, and continuing to run in the face of all humiliation and sure defeat is still your choice.  Especially long after you’re just being a really annoying and tiresome pain in the ass. 1


Being purged from your embryonic home…not so much.


Running for President and being born can only be considered equidistant in a feminist creep’s wet dreams.