Trumpifornia, and the Fire.


I would not call California’s role “relevant” so much as “present” in this Presidential election season.


Not relevant, for Donald Trump’s eventual assumption of the 1,237 candidates required for his (anticipated) Republican nomination for President is a given, regardless of California, but present because it might very well be that California, despite its mammoth population, ie, electoral presence, which is habitually undercut by its late-season June primary and PDT time-zoned anonymity, might actually be the state which pushes Trump over the magic mark.


What irony this would be!


Ironic given the state’s present Third World configuration which causes it to defy summation due to its dueling coastal elites and its struggling, inland underclass (with very little to show for the chasm that lies between). A state which would be bound physically by Trump’s wall and demographically by more than half its population and entirely subsumed by the monetary and cultural supremacy of its high-tech, showbiz Liberalentsia.


This schizophrenic state which brought you everything from Proposition 187 to Governor Jerry Brown, might deliver Donald Trump to the White House’s perimeter gate.


But beyond that, the greatest measure of the depths which California will be present lie beyond the June primary, beyond the Republican Convention.


Instead, look to the Presidential race as it batters the American landscape through the Summer and Autumn seasons. An American season of chaos and turbulence, and at the center of it, California, with its strife-torn polarized cultures that are emblematic of America’s national gulf, will be very present.


The suture that is tearing anew down the torso of America is writ, smaller, a microcosm, down the center of California’s fractured spine.


As many are fond of announcing now: the fire is rising.