End Of The Month Killer branching out?


Yeah, I haven’t really touched on this lately. I did a whole series of posts on a convoluted serial killer thing I was theorizing about here in Los Angeles last year. Thing is, all the victims were young, female and Hispanic.  And they appeared to have been killed the final week of their respective months of death.


Despite the fact some missing and murdered girls might have fit my profile, some of them proved to be wrong. Still, I thinly grasped this MO-style of a serial killer haunting the hills of Northeast Los Angeles.


So I didn’t quite know what to make of the case of two missing teen-aged boys who fit the victim profile in all respects except for their gender. Plus there are 2 glaring narratives instrumental in the disappearances of Gustavo Ramirez, 15, and Carlos Jovel, 16, who had been hanging out with 2 other friends on Friday on the banks of the saturated and rapidly flowing Los Angeles River.


On the one hand, they fell in the water.


On Friday, four teens were hanging out at the LA River in Cypress Park near San Fernando Road and Granada Street.
One of the boys fell into the water, and another jumped in after him to try and help.


Simultaneously, KTLA posted a series of chaotic narratives involving this case which sound like nothing but an immense chaotic cluster fuck that makes it hard to tell what happened, and when.


Police and firefighters were scouring the Los Angeles River in the Cypress Park area on Sunday, two days after two teenage boys were reported missing, officials said.
About 11:30 a.m. Friday, a witness contacted the Los Angeles Police Department and reported seeing two people in the river near San Fernando Road and Macon Street, Officer Rosario Herrera of the agency’s Media Relations Section said. The intersection is near Rio De Los Angeles State Park, just west of the river.
Ground and air units responded and conducted a thorough search of the area, but no one was found, according to LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar. Later that evening, two sets of parents went to the Police Department’s Northeast station and reported their sons missing.
At the time, there was no indication that the missing-person reports were connected to the earlier report of the individuals in the water, Aguilar said. A possible connection was made Sunday morning, when investigators received additional information, the detective said.
Sandra Jovel said the missing boys were her brother, 16-year-old Carlos Jovel, and Gustavo Ramirez, 15.
Carlos was last seen wearing a gray Nike shirt, black Nike shorts and black wristwatch, his sister said. Gustavo was wearing shorts and a black shirt bearing the words “Wolves Soccer.” Both boys were said to have been wearing backpacks.
They remained unaccounted for as of early Sunday evening.


One account said they were initially reported as “missing.”


I suspect they fell in the river and this is all just a horrible accident. But any time young teen-aged Hispanics are found dead in this part of Los Angeles, especially on May 1, one can only think of the “End of the Month Killer.”  I find the reporting more nefarious that the events, in this case.