Defenders of social righteousness have short memories; they forget freedom is for all.


The sociorighteous PZ Myers over at his haven of the like-minded, Pharyngula, initially expresses the lie of all those who know-better-than-anyone-else the propriety of “civilized” behavior in the year 2016:



You know what I like about Twitter? Everyone lets it all hang out. It’s humanity without the filters, where people say precisely what’s on their minds without trying to second-guess whether it might offend someone.


And then, invariably, as all putative open-minded, all-embracing arbiters of social justice everywhere, they realize that this freedom of expression they cosmetically and superficially defend is a two-edged sword and that this also implies their sensitive little ears (and psyches) might have some fending off to do as well. And quickly the freedom of expression they pretend to defend is tossed to the back of the bus and they begin to show their true colors.


And it reveals the ugly truth: a lot of people actually are world-class assholes.


Take the announcement that Harriet Tubman will be honored on the $20 bill. As expected, some people on Twitter are raging over it. Cynics, rejoice: the ugliness of humanity is on naked display in one easily accessible place.


…even I have heard of Curt Schilling, but not because of baseball — it’s because he’s an astonishingly ignorant jerk on Twitter. He’s a creationist, he’s a homophobe, he’s simply a disgraceful human being. Without Twitter, though, people might still think of him as a guy who was really skilled at playing with a ball and stick. But no, he happily exposed the rotting, maggot-filled black pudding that constitutes his brain to everyone, and now ESPN has fired him. ESPN has never been at all coherent on their policies on these things — they suspend contributors over far more trivial offenses than Curt Schilling routinely committed — but he made some sneering transphobic comment about bathrooms that finally was enough, and the just plain fired him. About time.



Such is the evolution of the “logic” that drives social justice warriors. What’s good for the goose is not good for the lefty gander.