Basketball bimbos.


I suspect this is an apt summation of the typical basketball fan’s analytical thinking.



Kobe Bryant‘s final game with the Los Angeles Lakers was the talk of the basketball world this past week and a number of fans are doing whatever they can to get a piece of history.
With that being the case, we’ve seen a number of interesting items that are supposedly from Bryant’s final game go up for sale with the strangest listing undoubtedly being a bag of air that was, apparently, filled with air from the Staples Center.




As pointed out by Steve Sailer last week, basketball’s social exclusiveness has dwindled into a raucous battle of low-brow behavior and in exchange, baseball is inching its way up the totem pole of intelligent and civilized culture.


Lapses like this in which air (as in oxygen) from Kobe’s last game is packaged for sale does not deter us from considering the dubious levels of intelligence to be garnered from the collective mass of American basketball fandom.


I’m surprised they didn’t pass it off as air from inside Kobe’s head.