Melissa Ann Shepard (Canada’s ‘Black Widow’) back in the slammer; I wonder if it was the BUID that did her in?


Melissa Ann Shepard, that hot smoldering pile of sexy bespectacled Canadian flesh known as the “Black Widow” for her proclivity to sex men up, going so far as to marry some of them, before killing them, was released from prison amid fanfare last month.






Her release was not without conditions.



In preparation for her release into the community, authorities have given Shepard a list of more than 20 conditions she must follow, including an 11pm curfew and a ban on internet access, probably aimed at keeping her off online dating sites. Any changes in her appearance must be reported to police, as well as any romantic relationships so that police can inform prospective partners of her past.



Apparently, one of these conditions was too much to ask. She’s been arrested again for breaching it.



An 80-year-old woman dubbed Canada’s “Black Widow” has been arrested after breaching the conditions of her release by using the internet at a library in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
A police spokeswoman said Melissa Ann Shepard was arrested on Monday. Shepard gained notoriety for killing and poisoning several men who were her intimate partners and has a lengthy history of offences.



Wow, that’s hard core.


How did they even track that condition? Being banned from the internet would be a sentence worse than death for some of us. In fact, it reminded me of a satirical post I wrote about 5 1/2 years ago.


The Boot-Up Interlock Device and my Federal sentence  was a fictional account of my being sentenced by the Feds to the use of an ingenious contraption called the Boot Up Interlock Device (BUID) prior to using the internet. Due to my continued and flagrant abuse of drunken surfing and posting, the BUID was designed to sample my breath for sobriety before the internet “logged me in.”


It was entirely farcical, but at least one person fell for it.


A message I received from November 11, 2010:


To: Webmaster


OK, your latest post is really bizare. What the hell are you talking
about? You were prosucuted by the FEDS for being drunk online? What
took them so long?! No, seriously, what is it all about. And in
English. Not blogese that you write. And $5,000 dollars in legal
costs? Amazing. This I can not wait for!


I wonder if Melissa Ann Shepard was outfitted with such a device (a derivation of it) used to monitor her entrance to dating sites (which for her was tantamount to trolling the streets for men/victims)?