Reddit’s descent into the capitalist fold and the internet dies a little more.


In yet another sign that the internet’s Wild West frontier nature is being gutted by the proclivities of the dense and sensitive society-at-large, Reddit, once the digital outpost of all parts unbridled expression, has instituted yet another measure designed to placate the culture of sensitivity.



Reddit has in recent months started to address online abuse, and on Wednesday it took one of its bigger steps toward helping individuals gain some control over tormentors: The company said it would give people a blocking feature to shield themselves against harassment on the site, moving to prohibit abusive users from sending messages to others.
The blocking feature will build on the concept that the less exposed to negative speech users are on Reddit, the more they will want to engage with the community. That is important for the company, based in San Francisco, which aims to spread far beyond the 243 million unique monthly visitors it currently serves and break into the mainstream consciousness, much like a Facebook or a Twitter — with a similar ability to command online advertising.



The last sentence (italicized by me) of the second paragraph tells us everything we need to know about the genesis of the internet’s downfall: commercialization and profit and money. Nothing quite mutes creativity and individuality as thoroughly as money, and our obsession with it.


Even the internet has proven to not be immune as we have watched it unravel into a commercial wasteland of normie affectations. A social non-wonderland of mediocrity and predictability and inoffensive blandness.


And the purveyors of normality, the profit-driven sell-outs, hide behind the same damned concept every time.


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Change, as a concept, as a savior, and a welcome harbinger of auspicious revolution.  They celebrate change and demean those who don’t.


Alexis Ohanian, who along with Steve Huffman, founded Reddit, circa 2005, back when the two college students still had testicles and no-fucks-to-give, told the New York Times, “People, generally, do not like change. We have to do what is best for Reddit over all.”


The “change” Ohanian idolizes is technically change, but more accurately, it is betrayal.  Worshiping the object over the human…what’s best for Reddit, for the firm, the company.


The internet, its foundation, has been betrayed by the likes of Ohanian, people who lived wildly before they “married” popular, capitalistic society, and forsaking their trailblazing ideals that defined what the internet could have been.


Change is a thinly veiled backdrop these sell-outs use, the symbol they back into which denotes their slippery descent into the fold.


Money-hungry soulless creatures of avarice have pulled the internet violently into the fold and those of us who see this big picture are left holding the bag of change.